Introducing Internacional Realty Construction Management

We have opened yet another division to better serve our clients and associates, Internacional Realty Construction Management. As you all know our portfolio continues to grow at an accelerating pace earning new relationships and accounts based on proven results and not “pie in the sky” projections. In recent months, we have observed that our portfolio has needs for a construction management service and expertise and as we grow into the future, this need will amplify. Internacional Realty Construction Management will meet this need from this point forward.

To lead this effort we would like to present Guillermo Perez. Guillermo comes to Internacional Realty with 15 years of extensive construction and project management experience. He has been involved with all facets of construction from pre-development planning, estimating to execution of strategy. His experience has involved residential, commercial, and multifamily projects. Guillermo is an honors graduate from the prestigious Pontifical Xavierian University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture.

You may or not be aware but the Internacional Realty Group has completed many intensive capital improvement projects in its past in addition to ground-up development or the substantial renovation of over 21 apartment communities. Our goal is to continue on this path for “opportunity and improvement” and all of the noted experiences above make for a bright future for our new venture.

Please welcome Guillermo Perez to our team and look to see more regarding Internacional Realty Construction Management in the near future.

As with any new venture comes parameters and scope of responsibility. Our goal is to handle not only the intensive capital improvement projects within our existing portfolio but also to provide substantial renovation support to our acquisition company. Defining an intensive capital improvement project can be subjective so we have established a minimum cost parameter of not less than $ 25,000 per project. When a potential intensive capital improvement project arises, please do not hesitate to get it qualified through Sarah or myself.

Welcome aboard Guillermo and construction management!